Malibu Seen

Wolfgang Puck with Robin Leach and Chef Lydia Shire and team at the 22nd Annual American Wine and Food Festival benefiting Meals on Wheels. Photo courtesy of Alex Berliner/Berliner Photography


More than 2,000 foodies were scarfing up a storm at the Universal back lot helping Wolfgang Puck raise major moolah for his Puck-Lazaroff Charitable Foundation and Meals on Wheels. Gourmet grub stations lined the winding streets and alleyways with delectable treats and vino by the barrel.

The who’s who of top tastemakers included celebrity chefs Mario Batali, Joachim Splichal, Bradley Ogden and Nobu Matsuhisa. They cooked up everything from roast pork with honey fries to fois gras ravioli; and poured everything from first class cabs to crisp, white chards and even huckleberry-infused sake. Needless to say, it was a Food Network junkie’s dream come true.

Auction items included a chance to have a private dinner cooked by chef Nobu and the Wolfman himself. Two lucky food fans jumped at the chance, shelling out $34,000 in the process.

The 22nd Annual American Wine and Food fling helped raise nearly a million bucks. Now that’s rich!


Movie buffs and fashionistas alike are flocking to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to check out a three-month showcase of style called “Fifty Designers/Fifty Costumes: Concept to Character.”

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into those glorious getups, this exhibit is a must-see. You’ll view the painstaking work that goes into some of the silver screen’s most celebrated creations. Each piece was personally selected by the designer and comes with the original concept sketch, along with photos and film clips.

Styles run the gambit from contemporary to classic, period gowns to fantasy frocks. Sophie Carbonell picks Reese Witherspoon’s pink “Jackie O” suit from “Legally Blonde 2,” Julie Weiss brings us her fab wedding gown from “Frida,” James Acheson explores the joys of spandex with “Spiderman’s” second skin and Deena Appel gets groovy with shagadelic threads from “Goldmember.” The exhibit runs through Dec 5. Yeah, baby, yeah!


Move over James Cameron. Your Titanic tale is about to be eclipsed as the most expensive movie ever made. Insiders say the upcoming mega-flick “War of the Worlds” is inching its way past the $198 million mark. It’s easy to see why with two of the biggest names in Hollywood on board-Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise.

The dynamic duo first worked together a few years back in “Minority Report.”

Spielberg says he is out to make “the movie of the decade” with no expense spared. The H.G. Wells classic about Martian invaders lands in movie theaters next year. Ca-ching!