KBUU Newswire – Day 420 – Fri Jan 3 – Vote Tuesday On City Election Districts – Only A Handful Calif Firefighters Head To Oz – Malibu Water Supply Ample This Year



This is KBUU News – Day 420 – the Friday Headlines:

  • =   Malibu’s city council goes behind closed doors next Tuesday to consider a huge issue.
  • =   A lawyer is threatening to sue the city to force district elections for city council seats.
  • =   Firefighters from California are heading to Australia … but not many of them. 
  • =   And Malibu’s water supply appears to be in good shape … right now.
  • =   And we fooled the L A TV stations … there’s a high surf advisory in effect today … but it looks like Lake Pacific this morning,.


Malibu’s Only Local Daily News from Radio Malibu  …. F-M 99 point 1 K B U U. Good morning … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.


Malibu’s city council faces an enormous decision next Tuesday … changing to holding citywide elections for the city council seats.  Details: https://www.radiomalibu.net/city-council-will-consider-ending-citywide-voting-districts/


Southern California is having a fairly wet fall and winter rainy season.

But in Northern California …. it’s about average.

And that’s important for Malibu and all of the Southern California region ,… because we get our drinking water from the Sierra Nevada up north. 

The state’s annual snow surveys began yesterday.

The results are good. 

The snow water content in the Sierra snowpack is 9.3 inches, or 90% of normal for the new year.

Scientists were worried that the Northern pacific weather pattern was pointing towards a dry winter… a drought.

So far … not happening.

The southern Sierra snowpack is at 104% of normal.

But the northern part of the mountain range … where the big storage lakes are … is at only 77% of the long-term average.


The Australian wildfires are extra scary for Malibu residents.

T V scenes of people literally running into the oceans to escape burning eucalyptus trees … strike close to home, 

Also … scenes of local residents berating government officials for a lack of fire trucks … that is pretty familiar too. 

About 100 firefighters have been been sent from the United States to Australia over the last four weeks.

But only 16 of those firefighters have been sent from California.

Another 50 to 60 more will leave Monday., where fires scorched thousands of acres ,

It takes time to have those firefighter vetted and cleared to travel internationally.

They will spend 30-day deployments down under. 

Firefighting techniques vary in each state in the U-S … and probably in foreign countries too.

A spokesman for CalFire says the firefighters being dispatched to Australia would need orientation and operational training prior to going out on the line.

In August 2018, Australia and New Zealand sent roughly 140 firefighters to the U.S. for nearly 30 days. 

They stationed in Northern California, Washington and Oregon.


Yesterday morning’s 4 point 0 earthquake woke up a few people in Malibu.

It hit at 2:13 a.m.

The 4 point 0 shaker’s epicenter was offshore … about 15 miles southwest of Point Mugu.

If you look west down Pacific Coast Highway from Zuma Beach … you are looking west down the Anacapa-Dume earthquake.

Its one aof a series of parallel earthquake faults that run along the Malibu coastline … both under Malibu and underneath the Pacific Ocean parallel to the coastline of Malibu.

These faults are visible where they come ashore at pacific Palisades.

The Anacapa-Dume fault system is part of a system of earthquake faults that are capable of generating a magnitude 6 point 5 earthquake.

In fact … the U S G S gives a 35 percent chance of such a big quake hitting the Malibu coast within the next 30 years. 

Only a few people reported feeling the early morning quake yesterday. 


Traffic … in 65 seconds … first … 


Weather for the Malibu ….

((((  Nice today    )))) … highs  ((((   72   )))) beaches … ((((    71   )))) mountains and canyons. 

Downcoast winds …  (((   luffing around  )))) this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    4:57    )))).

After that … (((  clear  )))) tonight … low ((((   49   )))) beaches …  (((( 42   )))) mountains and canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((    much the same    )))).

Sweeping down the coast … 

At Leo Carrillo Beach it’s  ((((       )))) degrees.

KBUU Trancas … (((    ))).

Paradise Cove … (((    ))).

Big Rock … (((    ))).

In upper Malibu Canyon … (((    ))).

Calabasas … (((    ))).

And Civic Center L-A … (((    ))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((       )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((  4 to 6   )))) feet high …. 


Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((   Low tide is at   Low 10:58am 2.1ft

High 4:01pm 3ft

Low 9:48pm 1.6ft    ))))


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