Farmers Mkt Contract Extension Likely – PCH Sees 3rd Fatality in 2 Weeks – 3 Rainstorms Coming


The Farmers Market gets an extension on its contract … through June.

One way traffic starts now on Cross Creek Road  at the P C H signal.

And the third traffic death on P C H in two weeks … another pedestrian killed int hr darkness near a market. 

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The L-A County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to extend the current Malibu Farmers Market lease through June 30th.

That’s the word to K B U U News from a  source at the Board of Supervisors late Friday.

Cornucopia director Debra Bianco says there will be further meetings to discuss placement of the market. 

The Cornucopia Foundation says it will not give up one inch to make way for the construction of the new Malibu branch of Santa Monica College … a 25 million dollar project that is set to start construction this summer.


One way traffic on Cross Creek Road … southbound only … at the signal at P C H … starts today. 

Sewer construction means one lane of traffic heading from the shopping district down to the coast highway.

Drivers who want to get in to the stores … or into Serra Estates … can either cut though the parking lot by Wells Fargo to come out at the movie theater ….

Or better yet … use Webb Way and Civic Center Way around the whole mess.

The construction will be between 7 and 4 … weekdays only … the rest of the time Cross Creek Road will be open to two way traffic. 


There are red spray paint marks all over P C H just west of the shopping center and Busch Drive this morning. 

They mark the third traffic fatality in western Malibu within two weeks.

A woman was killed Saturday night … on PCH … just beyond the streetlights heading up the beach towards Trancas.

Deputies were called at about 11:55 p.m. Saturday.

The coroner says she died at a hospital early Sunday morning.

No name has been released, yet

She was the second fatality on PCH near Busch in the past two years,


Last year, a man identified as a transient was killed there as he jaywalked.

Assuming this person was hit in traffic lanes … as the paint marks indicate … this weekend’s fatality appear to have been jaywalking. 

There are people living in the bushes near the small market at PCH and Busch … sometimes crossing the highway between the store and the bathrooms at Zuma.

She is the third person killed on P C H in two weeks.

A motorcyclist was killed in a crash with a car making a U-turn at Leo Carrillo Beach on March 4th.

And on March 6 a man was killed in a a single-vehicle rollover crash on the long straightaway near Decker Canyon Road.


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One of the three branches of Wells Fargo Bank in Malibu is closing. 

The branch at the Colony Shopping center … near the Subway sandwich shop and the Ralphs supermarket ….  will close April 19.

It used to be a Wachovia Bank … until Wells Fargo was convinced to buy Wachovia during the Bush Administration’s banking crisis in 2008.

Wells Fargo customers can go a block down to the branch … at Cross Creek.

Right now … Wells Fargo runs second only to Starbucks in the number of Malibu locations. 

Starbucks has 4.


There is an airport fight in the Hamptons …  that has impacts on Santa Monica … and Malibu … A town in the resort district on eastern Long Island New York is trying to restrict operations at the town’s airport.

But the F-A-A and the powerful airplane owners lobby won’t let the Town of East Hampton impose nighttime noise restrictions, 

East Hampton just lost a court case in the federal Court of Appeals … and the town will take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

East Hampton own officials also plan to lobby Congress to enact legislation that would provide for more local control of airports owned and operated by municipalities.

Good luck with that.

East Hampton officials say they cannot let stand unchallenged … a decision that completely federalizes their small community airport and strips the Town of any meaningful local control of the Town-owned airport.

This story was reported by Newsday.


And here’s a weird one ….

A small airplane crashed on Saturday afternoon near Borrego Springs … a small desert village in eastern San Diego County.

The plane … owned by one David S. Segel of Pacific Palisades.

A rescue helicopter found the plane abandoned and wrecked. 

And Segel apparently went home … and told sheriff’s deputies from San Diego that the whole thing is an insurance issue now.  


In KBUU Sports …. 

The Malibu Sharks softball team is in a rebuilding year … and ouch … they went down 17-0 to Grace Brethren over the weekend.

The gils softball team plays tomorrow at Bishop Diego in Oxnard.

The Malibu Sharks baseball team lost Saturday’s away tournament game against Sierra Canyon…  11 to 5.

The boys baseball team has a home conference game vs. Grace Brethren on Wednesday.

And the Malibu Sharks lacrosse team lost Tuesday’s home non-conference game to Simi Valley 12-4.

The boys lacrosse team takes on Brentwood School Tuesday at the home field.


Traffic … in 85 seconds.


A series of storms is expected to bring rain to Malibu … maybe a half inch … starting late tonight and into tomorrow.

Scattered rain tomorrow afternoon could bring thunderstorms Tuesday night and Wednesday.

More rain possible on Saturday. 

For today … Weather for the Malibu …. 

It will be ((((   drizzle this morning … then cloudy and 59   )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((        67    )))) inland. 

Winds will be gentle and variable.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    7:04   )))).

After that … expect a 30 percent chance of rain after midnight …. low of  ((((    54   )))) on the beach … down to  ((((  56   )))) in the canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((  58 with an 80 percent chance of rain   )))).

Right now  (( at 9:17 a-m))) … it’s ((((    57   )))) at Trancas.

((((    52    )))) in upper Malibu Canyon.

And it’s ((((    60     ))) at Civic center Los Angeles. 

In the ocean … it’s ((((    59    )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((   1 to 2  )))) feet high …. 

Those are ((((  poor )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((   Tide is going out to a low … at 11:35.

A piddly high tide will crest at 7:16 PM

And another low tide ebbs at 10:28 PM.    ))))


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