Catherine Malcolm Brickman and Suzanne Keith Zimmer

The cultural arts would not be the same in Malibu without the efforts and dedication of Catherine Malcolm Brickman and Suzanne Keith Zimmer, who worked together to bring Concert on the Bluffs to Malibu.  

The city wanted to promote cultural events and raise funds for Arts in Education. Brickman, along with Scott Hosfeld and Amanda Kofsky, are the founders and creative force behind Concert on the Bluffs, who pitched the idea to city council. 

The first concert was held in 2016, with uncertainty of whether the public would embrace the idea of a summer afternoon of classical music at Malibu Bluffs Park. They surpassed their goal and had more than 800 attendees. In 2017, more than 2,000 people showed up for the concert. 

The entire concert is underwritten by sponsors and ticket sales go to fund Arts in Education and all of the art programs for the city. “This year, we’re very proud to have raised $36,000 for the arts,” Brickman said. “The concert is a great presentation of public/private partnership.” 

Originally from Canada, and living in Malibu for 10 years now, Brickman has a Master of Arts degree from Stanford University. She said she is very blessed to be able to raise her daughter in a city “where we are at one with nature and the arts.

“I represent a handful of people that are really talented that made Concert Bluffs successful,” Brickman said. “Including friends who helped with sponsorship. Pierce Brosnan who supports the arts in every way. A whole team of very dedicated people.” 


Zimmer grew up in the Colony in the late ‘60s and considers Malibu her hometown.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History, Zimmer was the only woman on the Cultural Arts Commission when it was founded. 

Zimmer is publishing her first book this year, which is set in Malibu, and really appreciates the community. 

“In ways, we are a small town, a one-horse town,” Zimmer said. “We still do run into our neighbors and friends at the post office. We may not have the hitching posts at Trancas Market anymore, but those things can still be felt. I find comfort in that.” 

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