Local tackles bike race.

Sarah Alessi celebrates her cycling achievement with husband Antonio and children

Sarah Alessi cycled the Bike MS: Coastal Challenge Oct. 1, riding 30 miles the first day and 60 miles the second day, in Ventura. Alessi got on a road bike for the first time on June 25 of this year and has been riding ever since. She also recently participated in the Celebrita Gran Fondo, a ride from Beverly Hills to Malibu put on by Malibu restaurant Tra di Noi and Cynergy Cycles in June. Alessi is working on a project called “Cycle, Savor and Sip,” which will host events that combine cycling, food and wine.

“It was an absolutely amazing experience and I am so proud that I made my goal,” Alessi said of Bike MS: Coastal Challenge. “Cycling has now become an integral part of my life, and my family and I look forward to continuing on my journey and encouraging others to take a chance and ride as well.”