Time for togetherness


    STOP is a PAC that was registered last week to defeat several front-running candidates. If past elections are any indication, a video or CD will likely be in your mail boxes soon, but too late for any response from those it will attack. Videos have been effective in the past, but the community of Malibu deserves better than expensive fear-mongering commercials that attack, lie and mislead.

    I have not seen the video but I am sure it will attempt to cast me and others as “pro-development schemers” who care nothing about increasing traffic on PCH, protecting wetlands or our environment. I have been castigated already as “dealing with the devil” for having sat on a council-majority approved ad hoc committee for 11 months with the Malibu Bay Company. In fact, Tom Hasse and I were doing everything that is humanly possible in the negotiation of words — pushing, pulling and cajoling the Bay Company to provide amenities for the city via a development proposal.

    The development proposal is only an option for the community’s consideration, not a done deal. I have said all along that this proposal should be brought to the public for its approval. I also support a thorough Environmental Impact Report.

    The truth behind the video is that the initiators are motivated less by a desire to serve the whole community but more by a desperate attempt to maintain control over the Malibu City Council and its commissions so they can continue to dictate their personal, as well as political, will.

    Now, you must ask yourselves, what is the truth? Is Joan House a pro-development sellout? My response to that is — if I were, I would not have been given the endorsements of people like Jeff Kramer, Harry Barovsky, Leon Cooper, Frank Basso, Bill and Fini Littlejohn, Les Moss, Sherman Baylin, Mary Frampton and Fran Pavley, to name just a few. These local political and environmental activists have always fought for the protection of the environment and slow growth.

    The bottom line is this. It’s time to stop name calling and fear mongering. Let’s work together toward solutions of the problems that we now face using the resources that we now have. Imagine what we could accomplish if we could but work together.

    Joan House

    city councilwoman