Do the right thing


    With their recent harsh firing of two loyal employees, my feeling of indifference to Ralphs Market has become something more like loathing. This is an outright abuse of power. It shows a complete lack of concern for the lives of the terminated employees. Are their years of dedication to the company of no value, are they to be tossed away like so much unsold produce? The real criminals in this case are the students with the fake IDs and the false statements. The duty of Ralphs Market, as a good corporate citizen as well as a good corporation, must be directed towards the welfare of their honest employees and customers. One expects the management of Ralphs to use better judgment when their employees make an unintended sale of alcohol to minors showing counterfeit IDs.

    The manager of Malibu Ralphs should in good conscience offer these two employees their unjustly taken jobs. This error should be corrected immediately. I will continue to do most of my food shopping at Trader Joe’s and other markets in the area. I plead with you, kind reader, to avoid shopping at Ralphs until this unjust act has been corrected. The management of Ralphs should pay lost wages, and offer an apology. A free turkey should be offered as well or, if the employees are vegetarian, a bushel of fresh greens.

    This injustice hasn’t happened on the far side of the world-it has been committed in our own neighborhood. It is within our reach, the citizens of Malibu, to put pressure on Ralphs Market to correct the wrong done.

    “You be the change in the world you want to see.” -Ghandi.

    John Visher