I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but PCH will never become a toll road. PCH is a state highway, funded by all taxpayers in California. We cannot, essentially, “privatize” or condemn it by eminent domain it and start charging people to use it. We do not own the land under the road nor did we pay to build it. Blame it on Mrs. Rindge, I suppose.

To the best of my understanding, the only toll roads are newly built ones like 73, 241, 261 and 133 in Orange County where the construction financing is carefully worked out in the very earliest stages. There are other ways to make PCH safer. Speed seems to be the major cause of traffic fatalities so more traffic signals to calm traffic will help. They, of course, bring their own problems. A toll road ain’t gonna happen. Ever.

On a happier note, Monday morning August 16th I was thrilled to see a competition-style bicyclist heading south next to me come to a complete stop and wait at the red light at PCH and Malibu Canyon. This is what all responsible bikers should do for the safety of all and I was really proud of him!

Marshall Thompson