Letter: Information Overload

Letter to the Editor

A mountain of smoky paperwork overwhelms me now, and I’m most grateful. We came too close to moving back to our other Malibu house that ended up a total loss on Nov. 9. Firemen saved our main home that day, thankfully, but the burning garage and yard infused all paper and fabric throughout the home with that familiar stench. I’ve been scanning papers for hours every day since the fire and have barely made a dent, which is quite ironic, given that I literally wrote the book “Survive Information Overload” that made its way to the Top 30 Business Books of the Year back in ‘92. Today, I came across this wonderful poem about inspiration and renewal tucked into one of the many files.

Editor’s note: While we are unable to print the poem, it is called “The Old Violin” by Myra Brooks Welch.

Kathryn Alesandrini