Firefighters And Malibu Locals Help Save Dog

Firefighters helped rescue local wolf coon hound Charlie. 

Our local Malibu Station 70 firefighters and other Malibu residents went above and beyond their duties to help save our dog from a certain death. 

Charlie is our wolf coon hound who must have been following a strong scent as he went from the hills in Carbon Mesa to just above a ridge near PC Greens and got stuck on very loose sandstone. We searched almost 10 hours and put up numerous signs when we received a call from a couple who said that they could hear a dog barking just above a ridge near PC Greens. 

I attempted to climb through the dense brush and could not get to Charlie on my own, so we called Station 70 and when they arrived, three of Station 70’s firefighters and I proceeded to climb through the brush and made our way to the next ridge — all of which was very dangerous, given the condition of the sandstone. 

To our amazement, we found Charlie, both exhausted and dehydrated, and knew that he would have never made it out alive on his own without being rescued. 

We then all took turns carrying him out where he was eventually checked by Dr. Lisa Newell, who waited after hours at the Malibu Hospital to make sure that Charlie was OK. 

We wanted to let you know how our community came together to save an innocent animal, and to thank everyone who helped, including the concerned residents who called us when they heard Charlie barking, the mailbox shipping store that were gracious enough to make signs for us and especially the Station 70 firemen who put themselves at great risk in order to save Charlie.