COVID Case Rate Slows in Malibu, as 300th Local Case Recorded

New coronavirus cases per week in Malibu.jpg

More than 300 Malibuites have tested positive for the novel coronavirus since cases were first recorded in early 2020, with the total number of confirmed infected residents at 309 as of Tuesday, Feb. 2. That included the 13 new cases recorded over the past week, from Tuesday, Jan. 26 through Monday, Feb. 1—a drop-off from a spike that reached more than 30 new cases per week earlier this year.

Many of Malibu’s older residents are also jockeying for spots in line to receive one of the two COVID-19 vaccines currently available. As of this week, vaccine appointments were available to residents ages 65 and up, healthcare workers, and staff and residents of skilled nursing facilities. Nearly 1 million vaccine doses have been distributed countywide, according to state estimates (including those who have received the second booster).

On the horizon for vaccine eligibility were education and childcare workers, emergency services personnel, and food and agriculture workers, with vaccine appointments expected to be offered by the end of February. Then will come: transportation and logistics workers; industrial, commercial, residential and sheltering facilities and services personnel; critical manufacturing workers; those living in incarcerated settings; and those living in homeless settings.

More information on vaccine appointments and eligibility can be found at There you can also sign up for a vaccine newsletter, which is available near the top of the webpage.

County urges caution during Super Bowl weekend

“Now is the time to remain super vigilant against this deadly virus and continue to stay home as much as possible,” LA County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said in a statement provided by the county on Monday. “Please stay home on Super Bowl Sunday. For the moment, we are headed in a positive direction in bringing our cases down—the last thing we need right now are super-spreader events that set us back and potentially could lead to more cases, serious illness and tragic deaths.”

While certain segments of LA County have begun to reopen, such as outdoor dining at restaurants and other recreational activities, health experts “urge vigilance.” The daily rate of new cases is gradually decreasing, but the average daily deaths in LA County due to the virus have remained at more than 200. As of Tuesday, there remained six known deaths related to the virus recorded among Malibu residents. Countywide, 17,000 people have been reportedly killed by COVID-19.