Thanks for the space


    Two recent events bode well for Malibu. First, the “over the top” response to the PARCS group survey has corroborated what many individuals, young families and seniors know in their daily experience — that there are too few parks, fields, meeting places and other public facilities to meet their needs for active recreation and congregation. The more we discuss these needs as a community, the more likely we will do something as a community to address them. Kudos are therefore in order for the hard working folks at PARCS. They are performing a truly worthwhile service and should be congratulated.

    The second event is the council’s vote to study ways of making a deal with the Malibu Bay Company that would result in meeting some of the needs identified by PARCS. Unlike PARCS, the full council doesn’t seem to have its heart in the exercise, but they have agreed to seriously look at the issue, and that is a point solidly in their favor. Indeed, it is a sign of real maturation on their part.

    So kudos also to the Malibu City Council, as well. I hope your readers will take the time, as I will, to encourage both PARCS and the City Council in their efforts.

    Paul Major