Planetary Themes for the Month of March

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


An important shift begins on March 3 when your planetary ruler, Mars, enters Gemini. This is the time to express your ideas, learn new things and be more active in the community. Let your fun and child-like nature be expressed. You can also benefit from more alone time to get tuned in to your emotional or spiritual side.



You can be more driven in the financial area of life. This can be your time to implement new or inventive money-making ideas of yours. You can get more satisfaction on an emotional level interacting socially. You are in favorable cycle for healing any emotional issues and evolving on a spiritual level.



As Mars enters your sign on March 3, you are in your own element and high cycle this month for going after your goals and making progress in life. Your mind is more active and you have a lot to say. This is your time to satisfy your curiosity. When it comes to career matters or goals, your judgment may be clouded. Be realistic. 



This can be a good time to get to know yourself better and let go of any baggage from the past. Try not to suppress energy. There is a greater urge to communicate your emotions, learn new things and experience personal growth. During the second half of the month, you can feel like escaping from the usual routine.



You move into a new cycle in your social life on March 3. There is increased activity socially and opportunities to make new friends. You can attract unusual types of people! Your fun and playful sides seek to be expressed. This can also be a time to dig deeper into unknown areas of life. When it comes to finances, avoid blind spots.



Your work and personal relationships are highlighted. During the first half of the month, you can implement new ideas or ways to get your work done. Express your inventive side. During the second half, emotional connections in your relationships can deepen. You may also be a magnet for others’ problems. Try to set more boundaries.



There is a shift toward expressing more of your emotional and spiritual side. You can also feel inspired creatively. When it comes to your work and daily routines, staying disciplined can be a challenge. There is an urge to travel or express more independence. From the 21st onward, your relationships can heat up. Time for fun.



Your fixed ideas and rigidity may cause some friction in your relationships during the first half of March. Try to be more flexible, especially in the domestic area. You are also in a favorable cycle for expressing more love and for emotionally connecting with significant others. When it comes to finances, some adjustments can do you good. 



During the first half of the month, this is the time to express new ideas. You can also learn new things and expand mentally. Your curiosity gets activated. There is also likely to be increased activity in the relationship area. During the second half, your emotional side comes out. Your judgment could be clouded in the domestic area. 



There are probably new money-making ideas to implement during the first half of March and increased activity in your daily routines and work. You can also be juggling many balls. Try to get better organized. Your sensitive or emotional side comes out. Be more cautious and realistic when it comes to making important decisions.  



You remain in your own element to express your individuality and ideas during the first half of the month. Connecting socially can take on more importance. Your fun and playful side can also come out. During the second half, your value system can go through a shift on a spiritual level. Be more cautious with the handling of money.



As Venus transits your sign until the 21st, you are in a favorable cycle for the greater expression of love and abundance. Your creative, emotional and spiritual sides also seek to be expressed. When it comes to domestic matters, you can feel the urge to make some changes. Avoid potential conflicts with family members.