Turf Replacement Rebate Increases to Encourage Homeowners to Make the Switch


Malibu residents can now get $4 per square foot when replacing their turf lawns with more sustainable landscaping to save money and water. As part of the Malibu Smart Water conservation program, some limitations have been waived for residents recovering from the Woolsey Fire, the city shared on social media Thursday. 

Rebate amounts may vary by water agency and are based on the availability of funding. To verify eligibility, an online application can be filled out to identify the current rebate amounts for new water-saving devices or measures.

Metropolitan Water District increased its $2 per square foot to $4, according to the website. This gives homeowners the opportunity to make a difference when it comes to landscaping.

In efforts to maximize water utilization and conservation, the turf replacement program aims to combine turf removal, irrigation modification and rain water retention or filtration to support soil absorption of rainwater.

After the damages left behind from the Woolsey Fire, conserving and reducing water usage is needed now more than ever. Every turf replacement project will include three plants per 100 square feet of area transformed, a stormwater retention feature, no hardscape within the transform area except permeable hardscape and replacement or modification of overhead spray sprinklers.

As described on bewaterwise.com, “Removing turf grass is one of the most water conscious adjustments a homeowner can make to reduce their water usage and associated costs.”

Making a sustainable approach to landscape is now more affordable and gives homeowners a chance to contribute to fighting climate change.

Various links and step by step guides are available at socalwatersmart.com.

To apply for the fire exemption, call 888.376.3314 or visit their website for more information.