A whole new mix for 2006


Local seer says we will be entering a higher circle of evolution in the New Year.

By Kim Devore / Staff Writer

Tom Cruise’s jump for joy on Oprah, $400 ripped jeans, war, scandal, hurricanes, the departure of dear old Dan, the arrival of that ever clever Stephen Colbert, much ado about Hilton, a red-hot housing market and an unmatched pair of White Sox, were just a few of the memorable moments that marked 2005. So what’s ahead? Those on the inside say 2006 will be a mixed bag that amounts to what you make it.

Malibu psychic Averi Torres said next year will be centered on the number eight.

“The top of the eight is spiritual and the bottom of the eight is physical,” she reported.

And the good news, Torres said, is that “we are entering a higher circle of evolution,” although she could not say whether that meant an end to SUVs and ding-dongs driving 100 miles per hour on the Pacific Coast Highway.

So let’s get right down to it.

On Iraq, Torres predicts progress, but basically more of the same. As for natural phenomena, the longtime seer is feeling the heat.

“High sunspot activity is coming in 2006,” she said. Translation?

“That means there will be more bursts of energy that come off the sun.”

The increase of solar flares means an increase in the magnetic force field, Torres said.

“This is the high of an 11-year cycle,” she noted. “It will trigger volcanic eruptions and wind disturbances.”

According to the psychic, the winds affect the human nervous system and heighten excitability. In short, “people will be a little edgy,” Torres said.

Hmmm, so much for putzes on PCH. Torres also sees more hurricanes on the horizon, but not as many as we witnessed in 2005. On the plus side, she said that the solar activity will mean more bursts of creativity and medical advances, bringing us closer to eradicating disease.

As for global politics, China will continue to soar in stature as an economic force and several terrorist attacks will be thwarted.

Speaking of economics, the stock market will continue to have its ups and downs.

“I do see a good stock market,” she said. “It will be a rough ride but it will end up OK.”

But let’s not forget about the things people really care about.

Jessica and Nick?

The move to divorce court is likely, but feelings remain mixed.

“They still love each other, but she became more successful than he did,” Torres said. “It caused a great deal of strain; they weren’t ready for it. They were both kids.”

Britney and Kevin?

Long-term marriage is not in the cards.

“I feel a high probability that within the next three years they will part,” Torres said.

And finally, another dynamic Malibu duo-Angelina and Brad. For them, Torres sees another baby carriage, lots of love, but no marriage.

“I believe that she is trying to get pregnant. But I am not sure they are going to marry so fast,” she said. “I feel that they are enjoying themselves so much they want to keep what’s working.”

But whether you’re a celebrity or a sanitation worker, Torres said there’s one sure way to make the most of the year ahead.

“Make choices for a higher good,” she said. “Do that and you will reap the rewards, prosperity and abundance.”