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My book entitled “A Brief History of Malibu and the Adamson House” can be purchased at the Malibu Lagoon Museum gift shop. All proceeds go to the museum. Because it is only 62 pages and it took me four years to write it, I was accused two years ago by some people of being a procrastinator. I resent this. I intended to answer this charge sooner but I didn’t get around to it. Before the Malibu book I had another little book to write entitled “Keratoconus,” (bulging corneas). I postponed the writing of that book for awhile because I had to correct a chronic hook in my golf stroke and that, in turn, was delayed while I tried to improve my underhand tennis serve. There were a few other matters which arose that caused some delay on my tennis serve but I won’t bore you with these.

Heck, any great book takes a long time. When I was 12 years old in 1931, I began writing a novel about the U.S. Navy fleet cruising around the world, starting in Philadelphia. So far they’ve only gotten to Fort Lauderdale. (But are those guys having fun.)

Five years ago I was approached by some homeless (rent delinquent) folks in Santa Monica who said they knew me by reputation and they wanted me to help them start a chapter of “Procrastinators Anonymous.” I was flattered and I intend to do it.

The other day my psychiatrist subtly brought up the matter of a past due bill. I asked if he thought that indicates a tendency toward procrastination. He said, “Well, let me think about that. But of course there are worse faults in people.”

I said, “Like what?”

“Well,” he said, “some people are paranoid, some schizophrenic, some sadistic, some hypercritical. And they are, in my opinion, worse than procrastinators.”


“I’m glad you told me that, doctor,” I said. “Now I don’t feel nearly so bad about that past due bill.”

By the way, if any of you, my readers, have keratoconus, I have a couple copies of that book. Just call me and I’ll mail it promptly sometime. I’m pretty busy right now thinking about applying for a job with Nike.

Bill Dowey

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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