Letter: Still Hoping For… What?

Letter to the Editor

In response to the column “Still hoping” published June 10

Your recent editorial again asserts that protecting the right to vote is somehow not limited in any way. To you, everyone has the right to vote and evil Republican legislatures are making it more difficult for everyone to vote. 

Your last editorial piece went so far as to infer that Republicans had usurped the power of the secretaries of state to set voting laws when the U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 4 clearly states that power lies with state legislatures.

Your position is any vote made should be counted. I see no qualifiers in your language. I believe any vote made should be legally cast by a duly registered American citizen who can show evidence as to who they are. All these schemes of vote harvesting and unlimited mail in balloting without signature verification are fraught with fraudulent possibilities. Let’s have some common sense. You can hardly do anything these days without presenting some form of ID and proving who you are. Voting should be no different. The changes in Georgia and Texas largely expanded voting rights. Only people in the media like you twist the language to the contrary. No rules means anyone, including illegals and fraudsters, should have their votes be counted. I think as the editor, you should be peeling back the onion of hypocrisy on both sides. Advocate for some commonsense rules to ensure the sacred right to vote is protected and that every eligible vote by every eligible voter is counted.

James Ferrier