Synthetic turf expensive to maintain


James Edwards, Principal of Oxnard High School and 20-year resident of Malibu, tried in two minutes to explain to the SM-M School Board the problems schools are finding with the very expensive (one million dollar) synthetic turf fields. The need for a disinfectant system to prevent MRSA infections from abrasions, sprinkler systems to reduce the high temperatures of 86-100 degrees and drainage systems to remove excess water.

Salt air and moisture lessen the life of the field to about seven to 10 years before the top layer has to be replaced. Maintenance is expensive-$30,000 for disinfectant and $20,000 for the machine to groom the field. Check out for more information. It is better to know all you can before purchasing a product that is both expensive to install and also to maintain.

Harriet Pollon