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The following letter was sent to Governor Wilson

I am a resident of Malibu and currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Malibu Road Home Owners’ Association. I am writing this letter in hopes of expediting the repairs with regard to the current road conditions of Pacific Coast Highway.

It appears as though CalTrans has misled the business owners and residents in Malibu in claiming three lanes would be available during peak traffic times. Although this would not completely alleviate the problem, it would help to ease the traffic flow during peak hours. This has never come to pass.

Being a home owner and resident in this area, these land closures are a constant challenge during commute hours. However, the problem is much more complex than just an inconvenience to people within the community.The economic future of Malibu and the safety of its residents are truly in jeopardy unless something is done.

This persistent traffic problem is causing a severe economic impact on the businesses in Malibu. Many of them are struggling through the usually busy summer months and will not be able to endure the winter rains and added road problems. As you are aware, Malibu is notorious for mud slides and flooding in the winter and firestorms in the fall. If we had a fire like those we have experienced twice in the last five years, the results would be disastrous. Since PCH is the major artery in this area, residents would not be able to escape and emergency crews would be unable to get in. Since Malibu does not have its own hospital or 24-hour emergency care facility, the current situation for handling medical emergencies is simply unacceptable.

As a community, we are asking you to utilize your power as our Governor to open at least a third lane on Pacific Coast Highway. The problems on this transportation route impact the entire state through the loss of sales tax revenue generated by the Malibu business community. We fear the continued closure of these lanes will cause great economic peril and a potential loss of life due to the lack of an escape route.

Thank you for your prompt attention and response to this matter.

Cindy Schofield

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