Letter: Closure of PCH

Letter to the Editor

I have an airplane based at the airport in Camarillo and have taken the opportunity to check out the road conditions on the stretch of PCH between Yerba Buena Rd. and Mugu Rock. I have an airplane that allows me to fly low and slow so I can observe the road.

On Thursday, Dec. 18, I observed approximately seven pieces of road equipment and only three of which were manned and working. On Dec. 27, I again flew over, and there were five pieces of equipment and only one was working. Both flights were early afternoon, around 2 p.m. Both times, there was one lane open and only about five locations where dirt was on the highway that had been placed on road from behind the K-rail barrier.

In short, in my opinion, there is no one working on this project and what work is being done is a “make-work” project. For God’s sake, this is CA-1, a major highway and the lifeline of Malibu and Ventura County. 

Mike Fourney