Sirens: Malibu Crime Report Oct. 21 – Nov. 6

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between Oct. 21 – Nov. 6:


Attempted theft

Two female suspects attempted to steal $950 worth of glasses from a local optometrist’s office. The victim said he noticed one of the suspects placing glasses in a bag and the other was trying to conceal his view. He approached the suspects, grabbed their bag and asked them to leave. The victim reviewed the security footage and said the two suspects looked similar to those involved in an incident that occurred in September, where the suspects stole an estimated $5,000 worth of merchandise. 


Vehicle theft

A vehicle parked on Civic Center Way was broken into and an estimated $2,120 in miscellaneous items and $250 in cash was stolen. The victim had lowered his window to allow air flow throughout his vehicle.


Hidden key crime

A vehicle parked at Surfrider Beach was broken into and an iPhone, wallet and key fob were stolen. The victim hid the key under the front driver’s-side tire and, upon return, the key was missing. 


Cam dash

A construction site on Malibu Road was ransacked and an estimated $2,800 worth of home appliances was stolen. The victim said there was a security camera but the suspects must have removed the hard drive with the footage of the incident.

Petty theft

An estimated $400 in miscellaneous items were stolen from CVS on Malibu Road. The victim said two suspects entered the store, placed items in their personal bags, walked out and drove westbound on PCH in a gold 1998 Toyota Camry.



An estimated $650 in alcohol was stolen from a grocery store in western Malibu. The victim said the suspects put nine bottles of wine in a handbag and only paid for one bottle. The suspect drove off eastbound on PCH in a white BMW SUV.


Credit fraud

A vehicle parked on Encinal Canyon Road was broken into and ransacked. The victim noticed the driver’s-side door lock had been damaged and his glove box was pried open. The victim was later notified that his card had been used to purchase $1,000 worth of merchandise at two sporting goods stores before his account froze.

Picked lock

A vehicle parked on Encinal Canyon Road and Backbone Trail was broken into and ransacked. The victim noticed the driver’s-side door lock had been damaged. The damage was estimated to cost $100 to repair.



A vehicle parked near Topanga Beach was broken into and ransacked. The victim noticed his driver’s-side window was pushed down and his wallet containing miscellaneous credit cards and $60 in cash were stolen from the center console.