The ultra-hip hot spot Bliss was the place to be the other night to watch a new drama unfold-Mr. Trump goes Hollywood. That’s where “Los Angeles Confidential Magazine” hosted a lively little bash honoring the Donald and other members of the hit reality show “The Apprentice.” These days, there’s just no escaping DT. When he’s not busy firing wannabes, this icon of ’80s excess is schmoozing stars and holding court on the West Coast.

He greeted guests like “Soaptalk’s” Lisa Rinna, hubby Harry Hamlin, easy rider Dennis Hopper and smooth jazzman Kenny G. In between handshakes and back slaps, the Donald was discretely dropping the names of his newest Tinseltown pals like Jeff Zuker and Jay Leno. As for the show and his new found fame-“It’s incredible,” he said. “Who knew this was going to happen to ‘The Apprentice?'”

For the most part, the Donald and “The Apprentice” were just about the only things anyone in the crowd wanted to talk about. “Do you think that hair is real?” Adrian Mahr asked. I didn’t know. “Aren’t you a fan?” queried personality Byron Allen. I copped to only having seen snippets of the show. “Tivo,” Allen advised “You have got to Tivo!”

But Trump wasn’t the only attention getter in this crowd. To my left, Apprentice alumn Sam Solovey was being swarmed by fans going ga-ga. “You’ve made so many of our nights,” fawned one radio deejay. “Will you be on my show?” Sam regrettably informed the woman that he would be taking the red-eye back to New York. “This is crazy,” marveled television producer Sandy Varo. “These reality people have almost become like movie stars.”

As the VIPs filed in onto the red carpet, servers made the rounds passing out flutes of Perrier Jouet to the thirsty throngs. Guests kicked back on the club’s cushy oatmeal suede sofas, relaxing amid roaring fires while munching down tasty spring rolls and endive cups.

But so much for reality. Tom Arnold was perfectly happy to talk about something else – himself. “I’m ready for James Cameron to get back to what he was born to do,” he declared. “To make movies, movies with me in them.”

After a brief respite, reality beckoned. Sam Solovy had a new crop of admirers and shared his reflections with The Malibu Times. “I was really misunderstood,” he explained. He also expressed his admiration for the man who fired him, and said he’s taking his 15 minutes of fame in stride. “You know,” he said pointedly, “It’s much harder to maintain greatness than to achieve it.” Welcome to Hollywood, Sam. Welcome to Hollywood.