Sentiment vs. sediment


    The unnecessary filing of a lawsuit against Valerie Sklarevsky by the Malibu Bay Co. was a heavy handed and mean spirited reaction to the largely symbolic protest of a well-liked local environmentalist and shows how insensitive developers can be to local sentiment.

    The law firm representing the Bay Co. testified in Santa Monica court last week that the employees and the general public were endangered by Valerie Sklarevsky. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the opposite is true. Valerie wouldn’t harm a fly but she will stand up courageously for what she believes in and I have known her to only work tirelessly and selflessly in the service of others. The local public is at far greater risk of endangerment from the Bay Co. as they attempt to impose their development plan based on their financial goals.

    Clearly the local population would prefer to maintain and enhance the quality of life here based on values other than materialism. Valerie’s action has reminded me that it is up to us.

    Cori Lowe