Wildlife Center releases rescued hawk back into Malibu wild

Red tail hawk released back into the wild

After spending nearly two months recuperating from a painful crash landing, a red tail hawk was released back into the Malibu wild by the California Wildlife Center on Sunday. 

The adult female hawk crash landed into a glass planter at a Malibu resident’s home on Via Escondido Drive in mid-December, according to CWC Board President Victoria Harris. 

“There was a glass barrier around a planter, and in the corner there was a 2-inch gap,” Harris said. “She flew right into the gap and got caught and slid all the way to the bottom.”

She sustained serious soft tissue damage, Harris said. Caretakers at the CWC nursed her back to health and re-conditioned her for flying. The CWC released her back in the same Via Escondido are where she was rescued. 

For a video of the hawk’s journey from injury to rehabilitation to release, visit the CWC’s Facebook page