Activist championed


Writing checks to charity is fantastic but it is only part of a much more complicated and hard fought equation. There is a more truthful philanthropy that rocks the world and that is physically standing up, fact to face, against injustice toward our fellow man.

After reading S. Litvak’s letter last week impugning Anne Hoffman’s facts, I am compelled to correct the record and to inform your readers that Anne Hoffman’s mastery of the facts is unparalleled. So is her long-standing dedication to help others by providing information and support. We owe it to her that the ordinance making it legal to work at home was passed in Malibu. If it were not for that ordinance, the code enforcement officer would still be threatening us with court orders against conducting business in our homes.

Anne is Malibu’s eyes and ears and our conscience. She shares the belief of the majority of us that humans can co-exist with nature. What we do with land does not have to be harmful and, in fact, proper land use can become completely beneficial. Anne works to instruct positively empowering changes in every way. Anne understands governing bodies’ tendency to consume personal/private rights and she gives power to the average person. In an admirable and outstanding service on behalf of us all, Anne Hoffman single-handedly challenges bullying regulators and unselfishly shields us from the heat. Thank you, Anne Hoffman.

Patrick Lang