Preschool celebrates inspiration and creativity

Gan Malibu Preschool last week celebrated creativity and inspiration with an art show showcasing ongoing projects with the theme “My Malibu, Malibu Through a Child’s Eyes.” Through community walks, beach days, hiking trips and discussions about the concept, children expressed their ideas through sculptures, drawings and wire work, among other media. As they explored, their eyes focused on things that did not belong-litter. They began to make it their mission to pick up any trash they saw when journeying outside of the school. On the pier it was using “eagle eyes” to find discarded fishing line and putting it in the appropriate receptacles. On hikes and beach trips, they would put any trash they found in their pockets until finding garbage cans.

An artist study into Louise Nevelson followed, specifically looking at her aesthetic of turning junk into art and finding beauty in other people’s garbage. In addition, a “recycled city” was born, where the children attached items such as toilet paper rolls, coffee cups and paper to build a city, assigning new meaning to ordinary items.

Gan Malibu believes that preschool is not about preparing children for real life but that this is real life. Social consciousness and responsibility for surroundings are some of the many lessons instilled in the curriculum. Making meaningful experiences are more important than sitting in a passive learning environment surrounded by foam cut-outs. Teachers work with children in small groups to establish both a relationship with the children and for children to develop a deep relationship with materials. Process oriented, play-based learning is the core of what makes this preschool different from others in Malibu.

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