Malibu Times Selects, Early May 2021


    Introducing a new series: Malibu Times Selects.

    Every other week, I’ll pull together some of our best content from the previous weeks’ reporting—including our own stories, submitted columns, photos and anything else I found particularly interesting. Here is a bit of what we’ve been working on over the past couple weeks:

    1. I’m starting with Genevieve Finn’s in-depth reporting on the court decision Martin v. Boise. Even if you haven’t heard of the case, you’ve probably noticed some of its effects. Genevieve spent several weeks on this one—it’s a long read, but it’s worth it.
    2. Our publisher Arnold York noticed a little something missing on his drive to work last Monday… the fence along PCH near where La Costa and Carbon beaches meet (east of Fire Station 70) was suddenly gone. We called the mayor and got some answers… but not all the answers. This is still a developing story.
    3. The local volunteer group Friends of the Malibu Library met in person in April for the first time in over a year. Now that the library has reopened, the Friends are excited to continue their mission of bringing enhanced services and content to our local library. They also memorialized Kathleen Sullivan, a dedicated library volunteer who died in 2020. 
    4. A true Malibu original, Elizabeth Kalifon of Malibu West, died this week. She and her husband purchased a slab in the neighborhood before their house was constructed and she lived there for decades, witnessing plenty of change both in Malibu and in her own fascinating life.
    5. We published a surprising (at least to me) real estate column this week from columnist Rick Wallace. So far, more than 100 burned-out lots from the Woolsey Fire have sold, while only 30 house rebuilds have been completed. Two lots have even sold twice—at a good profit. Rick also shared his thoughts about the process of getting his own home rebuilt and re-permitted. It was not a simple process, and it still isn’t completed.
    6. Hard to believe, but fire season is evidently already upon us. Over the next few months, we’ll be providing info and reminders about how to prepare. If you haven’t signed up for a free home assessment from the City of Malibu yet, there’s still time!