New Malibu music festival features

world-class chamber music in private homes

By Ryan O’Quinn / Special to The Malibu Times

The inaugural season of the Malibu Coast Music Festival kicks off at the end of the month with free concerts open to the public through Labor Day. Several architecturally renowned Malibu homes will be among the venues for the festival that will feature an all-star cast of artists from around the world.

Five of the events will take place at the home of event directors Scott Hosfeld and Maria Newman.

Violinist and composer, Newman is the daughter of Oscar winning composer Alfred Newman. She has won numerous awards including 16 ASCAP awards that recognize composers, authors and publishers. She is also a past winner of Variety magazine’s Composer of the Year. Hosfeld is a world-renowned violinist and conductor with a variety of accolades including a winner of the Artists International Musicians Competitions with the Manhattan-based Riverside String Quartet and founded the Icicle Creek Music Center in Washington.

Their estate home, also known as the Montgomery Arts House for Music and Architecture, was designed by architect Eric Lloyd Wright and was planned with musical concerts in mind.


“We built this home specifically for this purpose,” Newman said. “It’s not like somebody just comes into your living room to hear music. [Wright] built this house around the idea of acoustics. We have two venues within the house. One is our music room area and the other is our great room area which looks out over the ocean.”

In addition to MAHMA, Sunday afternoon concerts will be in various other homes including the homes of Kevin and Carolyn Cozen and Wendy and David Cohen.

“It’s so great to have the homes as part of this,” Newman said. “The Cozens have a gorgeous space and piano that ties in with our architectural guidelines. The other home is a fascinating remodel and they tore down and completely redid everything for music.”

A silent movie night with live music is also planned at the Malibu West Beach Club and a “Fabulous Finale” is set for the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue.

Before officially announcing the premiere season to the public, the directors treated family and friends to a winter season of wine, dinners and music.

“Prior to doing this we’ve been hosting chamber music concerts in our home in Malibu since last September,” Hosfeld said. “We were testing the waters and have had audiences of about 100 people in our home about nine times and decided the time was right to go ahead with the festival.”

According to festival administrators, the event also attempts to build community as well as provide free concerts. The format for each event will be to break down the performer-audience barrier and encourage everyone to experience the music together.

“We want to do things right here in Malibu,” Newman said. “Scott and I have played on stages our entire life and not that we don’t love doing that, but depending on the size and quality of the hall, many times you are dealing with some sort of separation from the audience. When we do it in this close-knit situation, the audience has as much to give as the performance does. I’m hoping the audience feels they are participating in the music as it comes to life.”

Newman also said that families are welcome at festival events. She said there would be opportunities for children to listen to the music if they desire, or if not, there will be other activities for them to participate in as well.

While the focus is on the music and musicians, Newman said some of the events will also feature wine and food. One event is planned with a barbecue celebration, another features an “Old Fashioned Fish Fry Musical Soiree” and the opening gala will include gourmet desserts.

The Malibu Coast Music Festival takes place Aug. 25 through Sept. 4. More information on the festival, artists and reservations can be obtained at the Web site, or by calling 310.589.0295.

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