Enriching experience


When I began my campaign for City Council less than 90 days ago, I was referred to in a local news article as an “unidentified man.” Yet, when the final ballots were counted, 1,152 Malibuites trusted me with their vote, an achievement for someone who had been criticized for having the audacity to run for office after living in Malibu for only three years. During the campaign, John [Mazza] and I took the high road and focused on the issues. We expressed our views on the important issues our community was facing and offered solutions as to how to solve them. We compared our positions to that of the other candidates in a fair and respectful manner, and as a result we were gratified as we saw candidates shift their position and gravitate towards ours. We were supported by a group of wonderful and dedicated volunteers, many of whom I did not know before the election and I now call friends. I met thousands of residents who took the time to talk with me at forums, in front of the market or when I cold-called them on the phone. And now I am greeted with hellos and smiles during my morning run or jaunts around town. Not everyone agreed with my thoughts or supported my candidacy but every discussion was friendly and reflected the neighbor-to-neighbor environment we want to permeate our rural community. While I was not elected, the process has enriched my life and it was a gratifying experience.

Laura and Lou received the most votes and I wish them every success in their new positions. I will do what I can to support them. I am confident that the new council understands that the election results yielded only a plurality with the majority of votes cast in favor of the other eight candidates. Using their votes as voices, Malibuites clearly expressed their desire for the council to: act in a civil and respectful manner; create a long-term capital plan and budget; defeat the SMMC plan and not allow overnight camping in Malibu; make our schools safe by getting our fair share of tax dollars; make all of our roads safe; restore and preserve lost views back to the time a home was acquired; clean our water and reverse the RQWCB ban on residential septic systems; protect mobile home park residents from unfair rent increases; save the MPAC theater; and promote resident-serving businesses.

I will continue to do what I can to make sure that these goals are achieved.

Steve Scheinkman