Letter: Inherent ObamaCare Dangers

Letter to the Editor

I happened to pick up a copy of The Malibu Times and I read Mr. York’s piece on “ObamaCare” and the ACA. Nothing in the ACA is about “affordability,” “health” or “care.” Rather, it is about the heretofore never seen expansion of the bureaucratic state. It is about the massive governmental intrusion into every nook and cranny of the individual citizen’s life and all the evil this intrusiveness bodes. It is about the massive, heretofore never seen, collection of your personal data into centralized data center on a level that would make Stalin blush! 

The ACA is about data collection that will be unnecessarily and dangerously accessible to people who may not have your best interests at heart. The ACA is about empowering the ruling class in government to a level that will be impossible to reverse. 

In sum, the ACA is about establishing, once and for all, an authoritarian bureaucratic state, which will have at its disposal, by law, all the tools necessary to reverse every protection the Bill of Rights provides to the citizen 

Dennis Bertrand