Yes vote is priority


    The California state deficit is estimated to be a whopping $26 billion to $35 billion. Legislators and the current governor have slashed funding for education. These budget cuts directly affect our local public schools’ personnel and classrooms. Pink slips have already been issued to many new teachers in our community. A good public education system is the basis for a strong, democratic society. In the words of Adlai Stevenson, “The most American thing about America is the free common school system.”

    We are fortunate to have outstanding local public schools, thanks to the diligence of teachers and staff, who loyally work with children, despite political budget shortfalls. Our community needs to vote positively to check the California legislature and send this governor a message to restore confidence in education in the future. Here in Malibu, we voters can immediately say, “Yes, we support local schools.” It is a duty, which I consider a privilege.

    We have a California fiscal crisis, but whether it is the runway Workers’ Compensation costs for businesses or the under-funded educational needs, the problems all stem from Sacramento. Let’s agree to support our local schools now, and tackle the state issues when the next voting opportunity is before us. Vote “yes” on Measure S on the June 3 ballot.

    John T. Payne, past president

    Malibu Republican Club