Life-saving light


I could not help but read with dismay that there is now a movement to block the approved traffic signal construction at PCH and Corral Canyon Road. I must say that Mr. Palamar is grossly misinformed on the subject. Caltrans engineers have done a number of studies and have determined that this intersection clearly meets the criterion for a traffic signal. Anyone who has negotiated a left turn out of Corral Canyon Road onto PCH, especially in the busy summer months, knows how critically dangerous this intersection has become. Caltrans records unmistakably show that, on average, one person is killed every year at PCH and Corral Canyon Road. Many more are injured in the high speed collisions that take place at this location regularly. A traffic light will put an end to these types of accidents and make this section of roadway safe for everyone.

To try and dismiss this project on the basis of an aesthetic is extremely negligent. All those people that sign Mr. Palamar’s petition should be sure to write their names very clearly, as this will allow them to be named in the next wrongful death lawsuit if they are successful in blocking this desperately needed public safety project.

Bill Brown