Malibu Pier Reopens, Sand Berm Goes Up at Surfrider

Fishing at the Malibu Pier

After taking quite a beating during several days of high swells, the Malibu Pier on Saturday appeared to slowly be returning to business as usual.

Fishermen were spotted along the pier in the morning, along with beachgoers and tourists, for the first time since the pier closure was announced on Tuesday.

The far portion of the pier remain blocked off, however, as State Parks deals with the aftermath of high surf caused by Hurricane Marie last week. Several pier pilings were lost, the pier’s septic tank was damaged and a staircase at the end of the pier was also thrashed. It’s not known when the restaurant and souvenir shop at the far end of the pier will reopen.

Meanwhile, bulldozers were brought in to Surfrider Beach where a large sand berm was constructed to protect a lifeguard station (see photos).

Roxanne McCann contributed to this report.