Needing other people


    The following letter was sent to the Malibu City Council.

    I have, very happily, been a member of the Malibu community for 27 years, and my husband and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives in our home here. What we love about Malibu is not merely the physical beauty, but also the sense of community. The word neighbor is an important one to us, and for that reason we respectfully request that the Malibu City Council remove item 4A from [its Jan. 10] meeting until a later unspecified date. We are aware of the tension and contention this application has incurred, and it is important to us that we have a chance to explore our neighbors’ concerns, to adjust to those which we can and to set straight some misperceptions about what kind of structure we would like to build.

    We are aware that the Planning Commission, after investigating this matter exhaustively, has found our plans to be compliant with legal requirements and community character, and we respect that the members of the City Council would give requisite weight to these findings, but we prefer, nonetheless, to have a period in which we can meet with our neighbors, inform them, let them inform us and move ahead after communication has worked its wonders and achieved consensus.

    Also, we are aware that there is some apprehension among the members of the Zumirez Drive neighborhood that we might eventually donate our home to a state organization, but I can assure all of the people of Point Dume in writing that this will never happen.

    Thank you for your consideration of our request.

    Barbra Streisand