Letter: Big Whoppers

Letter to the Editor

Biden spent the second presidential debate handing out a bag full of whoppers. Here are Biden’s 10 biggest:

1. No One lost their insurance under Obamacare

Fact: Up to six million people lost their private health insurance plan after Obamacare became the law of the land. Obamacare made it illegal for private insurance to offer private plans that did not live up to Obamacare’s lofty and ridiculous standards. 

2. America was cozy with Hitler

Fact: Roosevelt became president in 1932. Hitler became Germany’s chancellor in 1934. The president has sole authority over foreign policy, and at no time was Roosevelt fooled by Hitler. 

3. I never opposed fracking

Fact: Biden spent the entire primary opposing fracking. There’s a ton of video of it. 

4. I didn’t oppose Trump’s China travel ban

Fact: Just look at Biden’s own tweets attacking the China travel ban as xenophobic.

5. Illegal aliens show up for asylum hearings after being caught and released

Fact: We release illegal immigrants and tell them to come to a court proceeding, which they will almost certainly lose, which means they will be deported. Close to 90 percent do not show up.

6.Raising the minimum wage does not hurt anyone

Fact: Biden is claiming that forcing companies to double payroll expenses (this also increases taxes paid by employers) won’t hurt businesses. He further claims it never has.

7. Trump never told Putin to stop meddling in American elections

Fact: Biden’s family received $3.5 million from the former mayor of Moscow, precious when he says to the “best of my knowledge.” He knows damn well Trump has told Putin to butt out—plenty of times.

8.Hunter’s emails are part of a “Russian plan”

Fact: The evidence that the Hunter Biden emails exposing Joe Biden as the head of a crime family trading off his role as vice president to get rich continue to be verified—and done so on the record.

Most importantly, neither Joe Biden nor Hunter Biden nor the Biden campaign have said the emails are not real.

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Lawrence Weisdorn