Celebrating diversity in cinematic art

Jarvee E. Hutcherson

Jarvee E. Hutcherson, president of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association, has been named an honored member of Cambridge Who’s Who. For the past 17 years, the Malibu resident has dedicated his life to encouraging and celebrating the diversity of viewpoints, stories and creativity in the cinematic arts.

As president of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association, Hutcherson oversees all aspect of the association’s daily operations and manages its programs. The Multicultural Motion Picture Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing the achievements of a wide spectrum of creative individuals in network, cable and motion picture projects.

Hutcherson holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with a minor in political science from Cal State Los Angeles. He has received commendations from the governor’s office and the California Assembly, and recognition from local and national leaders including the U.S. Senate, for his continued work on behalf of the arts and support of causes involving young people. Hutcherson is listed among Outstanding Young Men in America, a board member of the Fred Jordan Mission, the Southern California Motion Picture Council and the Southern California Advisory Board on Film.