Letter: That’s Illegal

Letter to the Editor

I was appalled at the Dec. 22 Street Talk quote by Lucinda Aragon on so many levels, and also with The Malibu Times for publishing and promoting such illegal actions. 

Ignoring the hypocrisy of vegans cooking animals, the Point Dume MPA is a designated State Marine Reserve — a MPA designation that prohibits damage or the taking of all marine resources (living, geologic or cultural), including recreational and commercial take. 

Even if the area was open for taking lobster (which it’s not), according to CCR T14, Section 29.80(a) and (b), spiny lobsters may only be taken by hand or by hoop net. You cannot use any other devices to take or assist in taking lobster — this includes “tickle sticks,” or other similar appliances used to coax a lobster from its hiding spot, so spearfishing for lobster anywhere in California is prohibited. 

The sea life at Point Dume is amazing and everything possible should be done to protect it, rather than glorifying illegal poaching.

Geoff Walsh