Letter: Reckless Driving

Letter to the Editor

After coming home from work on Thursday evening, Aug. 16, opening up the Times, and reading the letters by Ted Vaill and Helene Eisenberg, I know I am not alone in experiencing the very same dangerous and reckless drivers and motorcyclists on PCH and the canyon roads that they do. 

This past summer has been horrific with traffic and it is only going to get worse. 

That Thursday evening, I was going north on PCH, coming up to Cross Creek. The light was turning red, so I started to come to a stop. Three idiot drivers, two with California license plates and one with a Nevada plate, decided at the last second that they wanted to turn left into the Malibu Lagoon parking lot. So, they just moved over right in front of me, and came to stop at an angle in the left turn lane on PCH that enters into the lagoon, straddling both lanes. They blocked all traffic behind them. 

Despite the honking horns from the many drivers (including me) who were completely stuck behind them and could not move around them into the right lane, they would not move through the intersection nor clear the left lane on PCH. Drivers were trying to move into the right lane from a stopped position, into traffic with cars going 50+ miles an hour. It was a major pile-up and accident waiting to happen. 

After five minutes of this insanity, I called 911 and pleaded for a traffic officer to come down and get them to move, as well as issue tickets. 

No officer came. 

With the increased visitor traffic to Malibu, many of whom are here to party and don’t care about traffic laws or road safety, the city is going to have to add a line item to the budget to have a traffic officer sitting at every major intersection along PCH, taking 911 calls from Malibu residents so that they can quickly catch and ticket reckless drivers.

Please, help!

Carol Hahn