Standard Time "Malibu"

Now the beaches won’t be crowded,

Nor the Highway running full.

The tides will reach to their extremes,

Because of lunar pull.

The Northwind will be coming soon,

With clear skies most everyday;


And maybe too, the rain is due,

With storm clouds out to play.

We can wear the leather jackets,

And the coats and sweaters too;

And other warm and wooley things,

Hiding in the closet too.

And Nature will be resting —

Nor more fertilizing trees;

But I miss the happy bird songs

And the humming of the Bees.

But it is a time of doing —

Things inside that needs be done;

Perhaps I can catch up on typing,

The past Poems that have come.

And in between these things to do,

I shall walk the empty beach;

And enjoy the special quiet times,

That “Standard Time” will teach.

And yet, I still look forward,

To the long days and short nights;

When Spring returns with “Daylight Time,”

In the middle of the night.

H. Emmett Finch

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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