Open to input


I was shocked but not surprised to read the editorial in the Surfside News, and their page 2 report, about a meeting that a few Malibu West residents had with Councilmember Sharon Barovsky and the city manager. Let’s get it straight! I was there, and it was not a ‘secret’ meeting. To imply that there was some kind of devious and improper conspiracy is ludicrous.

To suggest that any councilmember cannot or should not meet with his/her constituents on request to discuss their ideas or concerns on important local issues is absurd. Council members do this all the time, and so they should. Every informal discussion they might have does not require a public hearing, either. Apparently, that’s what the Surfside News is advocating.

Of course, those whose aims are to impede, delay or prevent meaningful local projects in order to protect their ‘NIMBY’ agenda are outraged! Actually, they have had their say at three public hearings before the Planning Commission and the City Council. What’s more to the point is that many Malibu West residents are also outraged at the dissemination, by a small clique of dissidents, of misleading and factually inaccurate material designed as scare tactics to confuse the issues involved in the Trancas Park plans.

Fortunately, thanks to the responsiveness of Councilmember Barovsky, City Manager Jim Thorsen, and Parks and Recreation Director Bob Stallings, several important concerns were discussed calmly and cordially with a small ad-hoc group representing a cross section of our community. A number of suggested revisions, which center mainly on a strong wish by all to substantially reduce the grading of the ‘ridge’ above Malibu West, will be discussed by the City Council, which must vote on any changes to the park plans. If they are approved by Council vote, it will be a ‘win-win’ situation for all of Malibu. It will be interesting to see if there are any council members who will vote against these improved ideas.

When completed, Trancas Park will be a valuable addition to city facilities. Hopefully, the process will get underway very soon, notwithstanding specious objections by a small group of naysayers.

Les Moss