Check out agreement


I wish Joan House and Ed Niles had taken the time to visit the Santa Monica College Web Site, or the City’s Web Site, before speaking against Measure S. If they had read the Joint Powers Agreement the City negotiated with SMC, I think they would have a different opinion. This is what I have learned from reading the JPA:

A minimum of $25 million of bond funds must be spent in the City of Malibu for purposes of land acquisition, a learning center and ball fields. The College must acquire at least one site capable of supporting a clean water facility. Site acquisition requires approval by the City of Malibu.

The particulars of any college project, including the new educational center, the ball fields and related parking, require approval by the City of Malibu. The educational facility shall not exceed 25,000 sq. ft. and shall be for the purpose of providing educational opportunities, primarily for students from the City of Malibu. The College may not override City of Malibu land use authority.

College facilities are subject to the City of Malibu’s zoning and land use requirements. Once the college and the City of Malibu agree upon a site for acquisition, the agreement may not be terminated, except by consent of both the College and the City of Malibu. All other lands not required for the educational facility, the clean water facility, ball fields and related parking shall be used as open space.

The College must provide for input from residents during the development phase of the facilities. This is an extraordinary opportunity for the City to remove large parcels of land in the Civic Center area from commercial development, and therefore help insure and protect our quality of life

Richard H. Carrigan