Note from the editor regarding letter submissions


During the City Council campaign, Letters to the Editor will be strictly limited to 350 words. All letters will be cut off after the 350th word regardless of whether it is in the middle of a sentence. No changes will be made to letters except to correct grammar or spelling errors. The Malibu Times had considered a rule against council candidates writing letters, but the editorial board has decided letters will be accepted from all writers, including council candidates. It will be noted below the letter writer’s name if he/she is a candidate or a member of a candidate’s committee.

The Malibu Times will make its best effort to print a balanced number of letters. Not all letters will necessarily be printed. Letters with libelous material will not be printed. Also, new accusations/criticisms cannot be made in the April 3 edition, the final issue before Election Day, since the accused would not have an opportunity to respond.