Proposed Bill Could Tax Malibu Mobile Homes

Point Dume Club

A bill advancing in the California State Senate could mean major tax increases to Point Dume Club and Paradise Cove residents, according to a report published by Reuters last week.

The article reveals that a state Senate committee unanimously passed the bill requiring mobile home owners who build permanent foundations around the trailers to register them as property, thus incurring property tax, rather than being taxed as vehicles.

Those who have already created permanent porches and decks around their mobile homes would escape the new laws, since requirements would go into place for new construction only.

Only time will tell whether the bill will make its way into law, but, according to Reuters, there is widespread support for the measure, including within L.A. County and amongst owners of mobile home parks, including members of the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association. 

“These trailers that were in Paradise Cove 60 years ago are still on the Vehicle License Fee,” Sheila Dey, spokeswoman for the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, told Reuters. “We feel they should have to pay property tax like everybody else.”