Letter: Mask Up, Please

Letter to the Editor

I found the article about COVID on track to claim more law enforcement lives than 9/11 very sad, disturbing and, yes, preventable. 

I see many sheriffs, CHP and police officers—since March and still today—without masks. They appear maskless at protests, on patrol, on our beaches, in the media and in person. I saw a photo of a sheriff leaning in to speak to a homeless person who set up shop in one of our lifeguard stations at Zuma. Neither was wearing a mask, and they were less than a foot apart. I sent the photo to the city asking why sheriff’s were not wearing masks. No one had an answer. 

As an RN and a retired LAPD Reserve Officer Specialist, I understand why cops don’t want to wear masks. They complain of not being understood when they speak, they are hot, they look silly, it’s not macho, etc. Endless excuses. But, hey. You are dying from COVID. We need you now more than ever. So please, law enforcement, mask up! The life you save may be your own… or mine.

Susan M. Tellem