Letter: Keeping the Character

Letter to the Editor

I am one of the 2,300-plus Malibu voters who placed the Your Malibu, Your Decision Act, Measure R, on this November’s ballot. I will be voting “yes” on Measure R this November because it gives me, and every other Malibu resident, an opportunity to review and vote on future large development projects.

Initiatives like Measure R have been passed in many other cities across the U.S. For example, in 1986, voters in the city of Del Mar passed Measure B, which requires new commercial development of 11,500 square feet or more to be submitted to voters for approval.

Measure R will protect the unique character of our town from overdevelopment and ensure PCH doesn’t become even more congested and dangerous than it is today. Malibu is our home and the Your Malibu, Your Decision Act gives us the opportunity to determine the future of our city. 

Please join me and our neighbors and vote “yes” on Measure R this November.

Leslie Goldstein