Blog: Japanese Ocean-Killers Slaughtering Dolphins, Again


On Sep. 1, Japan recommenced the ruthless “War Against Nature” and the dolphins. It’s brutal, vile and shocking. It’s an insatiable bloodlust that’s driven by a disgusting sense of entitlement and illicit, obscene profits. Scientists have documented these atrocities and reported that dolphins experience the highest level of pain, trauma and distress.

This heartless brutality is ecocide. In the past 70 years, Japan has annihilated over one million cetaceans (whales and dolphins). The 2014 Taiji kill quota numbers were released in August. One thousand, nine hundred thirty-eight cetacean death warrants were issued for 2014-2015, including 70 false killer whales, 114 short-finned pilot whales, 134 Pacific white-sided dolphins, 261 Risso dolphins, 400 Pantropical spotted dolphins, 450 striped dolphins and 509 bottlenose dolphins.

These deranged bloodbaths begin by lowering metal poles into the sea and banging them incessantly. These awful noises frighten dolphins and disrupt their ability to communicate amongst the pod. 

Anxious dolphins are herded into the narrow Taiji Cove where sociopathic ocean-killers savagely attack them with daggers. 

The best-looking dolphins are isolated from the pod and sold as slaves to dolphinariums. These magnificent sentient creatures are penned-up, drugged and electrocuted into submission. They are sentenced to a miserable existence, entertaining crass consumers.

In 2013, Japan sold 158 dolphins into slavery, at an average price of $140,000; that’s over $22 million from animal kidnapping and extreme cruelty. Moreover, organized crime is profiting from this loathsome cetacean slavery industry. 

The oceans and all sea life, in fact, belong to the commons. Japan is plundering the ocean, and because they are currently an economic superpower, all other nations are turning a blind eye. That’s why Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is involved; there’s no worldwide government agency upholding international laws and protecting sealife. Biodiversity in the ocean is being significantly diminished, globally. The strength of the ocean depends upon the abundance of biodiversity, which is all interconnected. Prolonged looting is quickly killing Earth’s oceans—our life support system. And as Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, correctly says, “If the oceans die, we die.”

Dolphins are “Doctors of the Sea;” they keep populations of their prey fit by culling the old and weak. Dolphins prevent diseases from becoming epidemics. 

It’s time to end this senseless ecocide and protect the “Doctors of the Sea.”

An intrepid Australian conservationist, Sarah Lucas, founded Australia for Dolphins. Lucas is seeking seven million yen in damages over claims that she and her father were “rudely and aggressively escorted” from the Taiji Whale Museum in Feb. of 2013. 

A second hearing in the Action for Angel lawsuit is taking place in Japan on Sep. 16. The Action for Angel lawsuit asserts that the Taiji government, as the owner and operator of the Taiji Whale Museum, is behaving illegally by refusing entrance to law-abiding people based on their appearance. This conduct is a violation of the Japanese constitution, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race. If successful, the Action for Angel lawsuit will open the Taiji Whale Museum to animal welfare observers. 

Please, say “NO” to purchasing any tickets for dolphinariums.

Support Australia for Dolphins and Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

Join Earth Dr Reese Halter in his crusade to protect our planet by watching Earth Calling…SOS.