The bucks stop here


    Last week’s letters from people riled up by my “No on S” letter from the week before wasted precious editorial space calling me names instead of rebutting my argument. Read my lips. “I cannot afford more property taxes.” This is the reason I am voting no on Measure S. Answer these questions, and then decide to vote no with me:

    Last year’s Measure EE, which would have raised taxes by $300, failed. “Did smart, rich parents lift a finger trying to raise funds to make up for the loss? Are you aware that 20 percent of the kids (permit kids) in the district come from homes out of Santa Monica and Malibu and will benefit from the money raised without their parents chipping in? The money is already in the pot, an estimated $400,000, used for outside consultants and financing to push the measure through. Shouldn’t that money be spent on education instead of promoting Measure S? Santa Monica spent millions on two recent building projects, a plethora of social programs and non-resident giveaways. Is the city putting education first?

    Education is a priority for me. I schooled four kids, taught at UCLA and Pepperdine for 12 years, worked in the pediatrics ward as an RN, and have a huge teachers union as a client. But, I am taxed to death, and the economy is in the toilet. Vote no on S.

    Susan Tellem