Locals protest for peace

From left: Jerry and Arlene Klein of Moorpark and Thousand Oaks resident Ellen Lubic protest the Iraq War in Malibu.

MoveOn.org members from Malibu and the surrounding area have been demonstrating against the Iraq War and calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush at the corner of Webb Way and Pacific Coast Highway every Tuesday evening for the past several weeks.

“Each week, we have received thousands of honks in support from passing motorists, and a scattering of raised middle fingers and shouts of ‘Traitors’ from tattooed guys in Hummers heading for the Valley,” wrote Ted Vaill, the coordinator of the Greater Malibu Council of MoveOn.org, in an e-mail to The Malibu Times.

Vaill, a Vietnam War veteran, wrote that there are many similarities between the Iraq conflict and the one in Vietnam. He said the weekly protests will continue until an American troop withdrawal from Iraq begins or Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are removed from office.