Malibu’s June planetary themes

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

During the beginning of the month until June 7, there is a favorable grand water trine as Mercury and Venus in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This is an excellent time period for deepening your connections with others on an emotional level and spending more time with family. If there is a problem that needs to be resolved or an area that needs to be healed in your life, there is a greater receptivity for this to happen during the first week of June.

During the second week of the month beginning on the New Moon on June 8–June 12, Mercury and Venus form a challenging T-Square to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Situations are subject to change. Keep the peace in your relations with others are avoid getting drawn into disagreements or arguments. Some emotional or relationship issues may come to the surface to examine. On June 19, the Sun and Jupiter complete a conjunction in Gemini. This creates an air of optimism, opportunities, and an increased desire to express your ideas during the third week of June. The following day, June 20, is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere as the Sun enters Cancer. This officially marks the beginning of the Summer season.  

One of the biggest planetary events of the year occurs on June 25 when Jupiter officially leaves the sign of Gemini and enters the sign of Cancer until July 16, 2014. The planet Jupiter has a cycle of 12 years and spends approximately one year in a sign. Jupiter is considered “exalted” in the sign of Cancer. What this means is the nature of Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity, is complimented in the sign Cancer. This is a favorable cycle for matters related to the home and family. It’s a good time period for improving your emotional well being and happiness, manifesting more abundance, and creating a more solid, secure foundation.

In the economy, Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Cancer is favorable for the real estate market and rising home prices. In the stock market, this is a favorable cycle for the real-estate and home building sectors. Enjoy the rise while it lasts for at least another year!  On June 26, another important planetary event occurs when Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer until July 20.  As usual during Mercury retrograde periods, avoid making important decisions, agreements, or purchases of a mechanical nature if possible. Avoid misunderstandings with others. Emotionally based or impulsive decisions are usually premature, so think twice about it and wait until after July 20.  


Your mind is very active this month. Makes sure to write down your new ideas and share some of your thoughts with others. During the second week of June, some emotional matters may come to the surface and potential confrontations with others. Keep the peace. After the 21st, more focus shifts toward family and domestic matters. Watch your temperament and keep your emotions in check this month. Staying busy and physically active can help with all the energy you have.


This is a great month for you to get outdoors and spend more time by water and in nature, gardening or planting. You are more tuned in to your needs and your imagination is fertile. This may even lead to some new money-making ideas! During the 2nd week of June, a lot of activity in your daily work life and getting things accomplished. After the 21st, more focus is on family or sibling relationships.


With Mars now in your sign since May 31st, you are energized and driven to go after your goals! Your nurturing side also comes out and you begin to turn more domestic this month. During the second week of June, there could be some disagreements or issues related to finances that need to be resolved. After the 21st, the focus is more on increasing earnings and emotional fulfillment.


You start to come out of your shell this month and are more demonstrative of your thoughts and feelings. However, it’s still a good month to focus on your inner self and spend more time alone. During the second week of June, some potential relationship and career issues come up for you to examine. After the 21st, there are new possibilities for more romance in your life and travel opportunities.


Your social life becomes more active and can lead to new opportunities and friendships. During the second week of June, keep the peace with co-workers or employees. Bottled up emotions may come up to the surface for you to resolve. After the 21st, spend more time alone and get more in touch with the “inner you.” Favorable time for family matters.


Focus is more on achieving your career and business goals. During the second week of June, avoid misunderstandings or disagreements with friends. There may be some unexpected financial expenditures. After the 21st, it’s time to shine more socially and connect more with friends and acquaintances. You have a clearer vision of your future goals.


Travel opportunities and mental expansion is highlighted this month. Express your ideas, learn new subjects, and even foreign languages. There is a lot of activity in the career area during the second week of June. An effort is required to balance between career and relationships. After the 21st, the spotlight is on your career, receiving more recognition, and even expressing your ideas more publicly.


Some areas of your finances seem out of whack. Some adjustments may be necessary. Your inquisitive nature is very strong this month. This can lead to new insights. During the second week of June, others’ point of view may challenge your belief system. Compromise is necessary with making agreements. After the 21st, the tide starts to flow more your way financially and in your personal relationships.


Personal relationships or partnerships are highlighted this month. Be willing to see other people’s perspective or point of view. During the second week of June, emotions may heat up in your love life and possibly unexpected financial expenditures. After the 21st, your sensitive or domestic side starts to come out and there is more of a focus on the use of resources or “other people’s money” to achieve your financial goals.


The focus is on work-related tasks including writing or expressing your ideas. Personal relationships also take on more importance this month. During the second week of June, compromise and become more receptive to the needs of significant others or family members. After the 21st, more expansion seen in personal relationships, business partnerships and family matters.


This month highlights the opportunity for more fun or romance in your life. Focus is also on creative pursuits or time spent with children. During the second week of June, avoid misunderstandings or disagreements with co-workers or employees. After the 21st, focus is more on work and accomplishing goals. Some adjustments and improvements may be needed with your health-related habits or exercise routine.


A lot of activity in your home or with family-related matters. Try to get more organized and create more balance in your home environment. During the second week of June, emotions run high in your love life. Watch your spending and be more cautious with investments. After the 21st, there are new opportunities for romance or improving your love life. You become more attuned to your personal needs and the needs of others this month.