Fee, fie!

This letter was sent to Catherine Walter, director of Malibu Parks & Recreation.

At the recent Parks & Recreation meeting, there was much enthusiasm for a Community Center that will have enough space for meeting rooms. I am wondering what sort of policy will be enforced regarding the use of these rooms. Will there be a charge? If there is a charge, I presume this will be for private meetings only.

Last year I was astonished when I discovered that the senior citizens were being charged for the use of meeting rooms. There were other groups such as the Malibu Art Association that were also being charged. Although I support ways of procuring income for the city, I feel that groups that benefit Malibu (such as the senior citizens and Malibu Art Association), as well as the many other volunteer groups in Malibu, should not have to pay or at least get a large discount. These groups contribute greatly to Malibu and this could be one way to give gratitude.

Jim Petersen

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